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In January 2020 SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium revealed new national research that uncovered Australians’ attitudes towards sharks. Through their Animal Rescue Centre, daily Aquarist talks, feeds and interactive animal encounters the team are driving awareness, debunking myths and championing sharks. As part of their 2020 shark awareness campaign the SEALIFE team unveiled a four meter long artwork created by Sue Ryan from the Ghost Net Art Project. The Grey Nurse Shark sculpture made from ghost nets is a heartbreaking reminder of the major threats that sharks face in the wild. Grey Nurse sharks despite their long pointed teeth are referred to as the Labradors of the sea and although they appear fearsome they pose no threat to divers.


The net used in the sculpture was collected by Mapoon Aboriginal Community Indigenous Land and Sea Rangers from beaches around their community on the eastern side of the Gulf of Carpentaria. The sculpture took a team over 160 collective hours to create and was displayed at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium to raise awareness on the importance of protecting sharks. 


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