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In 2015 at the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair Ghost Net Art Project facilitators and artists from Hammond and Moa Island in the Torres Strait invited the public to join them to cover and decorate the three metre armature of a wobbegong shark using ghost net and marine debris. Over the three day event people came to sit and weave, stitch, tell stories and share culture as the shark grew more colourful and textured each day. Over 100 participants from various Queensland indigenous communities, Cairns locals and visitors from far and wide of all age groups worked steadily on the shark while they laughed, shared techniques and learnt new skills. 

The shark continued its journey to the Atherton Tablelands where Sue Ryan and indigenous artist Meriea Anning from Ravenshoe were joined by artist Jojo Spook from Robe in South Australia. More participants joined in to complete the shark in an intensive one week workshop including senior art students from Mount Saint Bernard College who hailed from indigenous communities around Australia. 

The ghost net and marine debris used in the shark was collected by indigenous rangers from Old Mapoon on the west coast of Cape York. 



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